Wednesday, 7 August 2013

E.L.K - Sydney Show 2013 - Afganistan

If your a fan of stencil art, here is your chance to check out the new works of the talented Melbourne based artist Luke Cornish aka E.L.K. 
His new exhibition: Afganistan commences tonight until the 16th of August, at Art Equity, King Steet, Sydney.

See link for more details

Friday, 4 November 2011

Doing What I Love - Drawing

Its been a while since i have been on my blog site, i can't even remember the last time i wrote on here.
But over the past month i have combined my interest of comic books, cartoon characters, musicians and drawing.

Below are a few pix i have drawn up over the past few weeks.
I def still have a long way to go with my technique, but i'm stoked to finally be back doing what i enjoy.

Baby Yoshi


Michael Jackson



Sunday, 18 September 2011

798 District - Beijing


During July 2011, I organised to backpack around Asia. Starting in Cambodia, followed by Beijing and finally Hong Kong. Arriving in Beijing on the 22nd of July I immersed myself in the culture of China. I won't lie it was a huge culture shock, even after spending 2 weeks in Cambodia.
There was one key place that was on my list of tourist destinations. That was the 798 Art District of Beijing. On the 24th of July I set out on a mission to find the district.
Armed with my hotel map (and thinking it really didn't look that far to walk.....boy was I wrong), I started walking through the streets of Beijing. Getting lost 3 times and needing to stop for water twice, as it was a 41 Degree Celsius day. I arrived at Art District, 3 and a half hours later (which on the map looked no more then 2 hours max).
Walking into the District you already feel like you are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city that is Beijing. As I observed the map, it is obvious I would need more then a day to discover the majority of the art galleries. I made my way up the tree lined walk-way, passing tourists lining up to have their portrait dawn by Cartoon sketch artist.

Walking though the district it is obvious that the majority of the art is contemporary, but never the less mind blowing. I decided to pay to go into one of the main galleries to observe the exhibition, 'Wisdom of the Poor' by Song Dong. Honestly his art was extremely thought provoking. This exhibition was used to show the life in which Song Dong had growing up, in the hutongs of Beijing. He used everyday belongings such as tables, chairs, beds, to portray how the people were able to conserve, save, recycle and share the few resources that they had.
This was a amazing exhibition to view and appeared to be one of the most popular on the day.



The 798 District is a must see for any art lover, I viewed many amazing sculptures and paintings by fantastic artists....I will say that it is best not to head out to the art district in 41 Degree Celsius heat, but if you do decide to venture out organise a taxi to the location (taking 15mins in traffic) as it is a 3 and a half hour walk outside of the Beijing CBD area (once walking down numerous streets, parks and freeways).

Below i have included a number of photos from my visit. Hope you enjoy.



Saturday, 17 September 2011

Melbourne Graffiti

After a recent visit to Melbourne i decided to head out exploring the city, getting off the train at Flinders Station i headed off on a mission to view different styles of Graffiti Art. Melbourne is known for its lane ways that contain some of the best restaurants and bars in Australia. Not only do they have fantastic hang outs but when heading down the majority of the lane ways you will find some mind blowing Graffiti Art.

Not one area is left uncovered, be it Walls, Doors, Dumpsters, or the ground. When wandering the streets of Melbourne you will be able to get lost in the art that can be viewed on nearly every corner.
Graffiti art is a culture that is embraced by the local community (which you will struggle to find in any other city in Australia).

There are a countless number of independent artists and crews that enjoy adding there signature to the streets for the viewing of the public.
If you are a fan of street art i highly recommend taking a stroll around the streets of Melbourne and enjoy all the art that they have on offer for your viewing.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Welcome to Spaced Out ArtWork

Hey guys, here is just a little bit of information about myself. i have been an aspiring artist for the past 5 years starting with tattoo design and cartoon sketches. but at the beginning of 2011 i decided to try my luck at spray paint art and have become hooked to the types of pictures that can be created with a spray can. on this site i have included a number of spray paint designs and will also be adding tattoo designs and drawings i have worked ON. 
i hope you enjoy and if you are interested or have any enquires about my work please feel free to email me at